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Baby it’s Cold Outside

July. The best month of the year to stay inside and snuggle with your dog. I am sure we can all agree that there isn’t a better remedy to the cold than a hot beverage and dog cuddles. Sadly, we can’t spend all of winter on the couch with our pooch but we can make sure that they stay warm, happy and healthy both in and out of the house.

Hackett Hounds is open, rain or shine each of the play areas has a cozy "snooze section" for the dogs to come in out of the elements and snuggle up with their besties. Raised beds off the ground and plenty of warm blankies.


Just like we might change to a winter duvet or an electric blanket, our dogs also need a few more bed layers in the colder months. Short haired dogs especially like to burrow under blankets to keep warm. Make sure your pooch is tucked up tightly at night so that they can get the best sleep possible.

Switching to a thicker foam bed during the winter months will provide extra warmth and support especially for older dogs with joint conditions.

Jackets and Coats

If you and your pooch do need to brave the elements, make sure that they have a fleece coat or rain jacket, especially if they have short hair or are a smaller breed.

For small dogs in particular, coats are not a joke, they’re actually very important during the cold weather. Small dogs have a larger surface area for their body weight and benefit greatly from a few extra layers in winter.

Pop in and visit Hackett Hounds & Cats stores, they have a wide range of beds and clothing to suit your pets needs.

Hackett Hounds and Cats

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021 715 13 09

Hackett Hounds and Cats

Shop 4B Lakeside Center (PnP Center)

021 788 62 66


A trip to the park, beach or forest on a cold winter’s day can see you returning with a Mud Ball formerly known as your pet. Although swimming in the icy rivers and running through the mud can be great fun for your dog, it is important to make sure that their skin and coats are kept healthy in the low winter temperatures. Even though they may be wet, do not leave them outside when you get ho

me. Get them in to a warm space and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Brush out any wet mud or sand from their coats to keep their skin and fur healthy. Don't have the time or equipment? Hackett Hounds and Cats has you covered. Click on the link to view their Spa services:

Visiting the Snow

“There must be snow on the mountain” is a sentence that is uttered by every Capetonian at some stage during winter.

It is always exciting to pack up the kids and the hounds to go adventuring to the snow. Make sure that Fido is kept as snug and

warm as the rest of the family by packing a towel and extra blankets in the car. When the day is done, thoroughly dry them and then create a cozy space in the car so that after all the fun and frolicking in the cold, your pooch can warm up and snooze comfortably all the way home.

Health Checks

Some medical conditions such as Arthritis can worsen in the winter with the cold,

causing increased stiffness. Taking your dog to the vet for a winter check-up can help make sure that problems don’t worsen as it gets colder.

Just like human flu season, kennel cough is most prevalent in the colder months. Make sure that all vaccinations are up to date so that you and your dog can have a healthy winter.

Some dogs are better equipped for the cold than others. Chat to your vet about your dog’s specific needs this winter and how to keep them happy, smiling and ready to cuddle.

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