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We accept dogs of all ages, providing that they are social with other dogs and people and are up to date with vaccinations and in good health.

Power breeds may join daycare under the age of 5 months old, over the age of 5 months old they must have attended a reputable puppy school or daycare during their formative period, 2-4 month old age period.
es may join two weeks following their second inoculation and must be on a vaccination program. 

Puppies or shelter dogs must have been in their new home for at least 2 weeks prior to attending day care and must be in good health.
If your dogs vaccines are not up to date, you are required to vaccinate your dog 2 weeks prior to them joining day care.


South African Veterinary Association Vaccine Guidelines:

CPV, CDV, and CAV-2 - Core

Rabies - Core

Parainfluenza - Non-core but highly recommended

Bordetella bronchiseptica - Non-core but highly recommended

Leptospirosis - Non core


All dogs joining daycare over the age of 6 months old must be neutered or spayed.
Flea and tick control must be kept up to date.
De worming: Puppies must be done once per month up to 6 months old and adults a minimum of every 3 months.
All vaccines must be kept up to date.
Dogs which are currently injured or have been unwell in the past 30 days are not permitted to attend day care until they get the all clear from their Veterinarian.




Dogs are highly social creatures and therefor suffer when left on their own for long periods of time. 

Puppies learn important social skills from social adult dogs.

Mental as well as physical stimulation.

Preventing unwanted behaviours such as inappropriate digging, excessive barking, destructive chewing and so on.

Toilet training.

Set feeding times.

Safe environment with around the clock supervision.

Controlled play environment.

Human contact.

Relieves boredom and separation anxiety.


Daycare is a great solution for busy owners who don’t have time to provide their dogs with the exercise and stimulation which they need.
Controlled play and plenty of nap time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must I bring to day care?

1. All dogs must be brought to daycare on a secure collar/harness and leash(these need to be clearly marked with your dogs name).
2. If feeding is required food must be brought in a clearly marked container.
3. A towel (on rainy days – marked with your dogs name).
4. A warm jacket/rain coat (if your dog is used to wearing clothing).
5. New admissions must bring a copy of their vaccination records.

6. Dogs must arrive and leave school fitted with a secure collar/harness on a leash.

7. All collars and harnesses are removed when dogs enter the play areas this is for their own safety and safety of others. With the acception to safety/quick release collars. 


Dogs are supervised by our well trained team. Any rough play and or bad behaviour is discouraged. We do not allow smacking of dogs or any kind of rough handling (aggression feeds aggression).
All dogs are assessed by management to make sure that they are suited to a day care environment.
Safety is our number one priority; we do our utmost to prevent any altercations.
In a group play environment your dog may get the odd scratch through play, especially breeds with shorter coats.
Even after a dog is accepted to day care, we may ask a dog to leave if they have behavioural problems.
Incidents in daycare are rare but they can occur, in such event you will be notified immediately.


How are the dogs grouped together?

We group the dogs together according to age, size, energy levels and temperament.

Daycare hours?

Monday – Friday
06:45 – 17:45


08:00 - 17:00


Our invoicing is done at the end of each calendar month, depending on how many times your dog visits during the month. 1 dog = 1 session, 2 dogs = 2 sessions and so on.
We accept EFT, cash or credit card.


Shop Hours?

Monday – Friday
07:00 – 17:45


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