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What are the requirements to join the Hackett Hounds Pack?

1. Dogs of all ages are welcome provided they are socialized with other dogs
and people, up to date with vaccinations, and in good health. Power breeds
can join daycare under 5 months old, but after 5 months, they must have
attended a reputable puppy school or daycare during their formative period (2-
4 months old).
2. Puppies aged 12 weeks or older may join daycare if they have received their
second inoculation at least two weeks before enrolment and are on a
vaccination program.
3. All dogs must have current vaccinations and maintain their vaccination
schedule. Puppies or shelter dogs must have lived at home for at least two
weeks before attending daycare. If your dog's vaccines are not up to date, you
must vaccinate your dog two weeks prior to joining daycare.
4. New admissions over six months old must be neutered or spayed unless
advised otherwise by your veterinarian for health reasons. Please feel free to discuss
this with us.
5. Flea and tick control must be regularly applied. Deworming: Puppies must be
dewormed once per month up to six months old, and adults should be
dewormed at least every three months.
6. Your dog must be in good health. Dogs that are currently injured or have been
unwell in the past 30 days are not permitted to attend daycare unless your vet
has confirmed they are not contagious or will not cause further injury to
7. Collections must be completed by 5:45 pm.
8. Dogs must arrive and leave daycare wearing a secure collar/harness and
leash. Collars and harnesses are removed upon entering the play areas for
safety, except for safety/quick-release collars.

Benefits of Dog Daycare

1. Dogs thrive on social interaction and may experience distress when left alone
for extended periods.
2. Puppies benefit from interacting with older, socially adept dogs, learning vital
social skills.
3. Daycare provides both mental and physical activities to keep dogs mentally
stimulated and physically active.
4. Supervised daycare helps prevent undesirable behaviors like excessive
barking, destructive chewing, and inappropriate digging.
5. Daycare facilities can aid in toilet training and establishing regular feeding
schedules for dogs.

6. Dogs enjoy a safe environment with constant supervision, ensuring their well-

7. Playtime is carefully monitored and managed, guaranteeing a secure and
enjoyable experience for all dogs.
8. Human interaction in daycare settings fulfills dogs' innate need for
socialization and companionship.

9. Daycare alleviates boredom and separation anxiety, particularly for owners
with busy schedules who struggle to provide adequate exercise and mental
stimulation for their dogs.
10.Scheduled nap times ensure that dogs receive sufficient rest to maintain their
overall well-being.
11.Our daycare promotes a serene and relaxed atmosphere, contributing to
dogs' overall comfort and enjoyment during their stay.

What must I bring to daycare?

1. All dogs must be brought to daycare with a secure collar/harness and leash,
which should be clearly marked with your dog's name.
2. If your dog requires feeding, please bring their food in a clearly marked
container. We provide bowls.
3. We provide all bowls, bedding, blankets and toys.
4. In cold weather, if your dog typically wears a jacket or top, you can send them
with it. Our team will remove it once the temperature warms up.
5. For new admissions, please bring a copy of your dog's vaccination records,
unless you've already provided a copy via email or WhatsApp.

Dog Day Care Supervision and Grouping

At our dog daycare, our highly trained team closely supervises the dogs to ensure
their safety. We actively discourage rough play or any form of bad behavior, and
aggressive handling is strictly prohibited. Prior to admission, all dogs undergo a
thorough assessment by our management team to assess their suitability for group
play. Safety is our top priority, and we take every precaution to prevent incidents.
However, in group play settings, minor scratches may occur, especially for dogs with
shorter coats. If a dog displays behavioral issues, even after admission, we may ask
them to leave. While incidents are rare, we will promptly notify you if any occur.
When grouping dogs together, we consider factors such as age, size, energy levels,
and temperament to ensure the best possible playgroups for each dog.


Daycare Operating Hours

• Monday – Friday: 06:45 – 17:45
• Saturdays: 08:00 - 17:00

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