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Accommodation and care

Our experienced and caring team will be taking care of your cat during their stay, giving each cat individual attention. 

We offer shared accommodation with enough room so that each cat has their own space. Although many people think of cats as solitary animals, they are very sociable in the right circumstances and this can be a very positive experience for your cat. Cats struggling in the shared space will be moved to their own individual accommodation if needed.
Cats that prefer their own space, smaller, individual units can be provided at an additional cost during peak season/school holidays and must be booked well in advance as spaces are limited.

We feed Hills Science Plan or Royal Canin. If your cat is on a specific diet or prescription diet, you are welcome to bring their own food in a clearly marked container. Cats that are on special diets/prescription diets are separated for feeding.

Litter boxes are cleaned twice daily. We provide various forms of stimulation: cratching posts, bedding at different heights, toys and catnip.


Cats must be fully vaccinated and in good health. Flea Control and deworming can be done on admission if not up to date. Should your cat’s stay exceed 1 month, we will be obliged to repeat the ectoparasite treatment. 

We regret that we cannot board un-sterilised cats. The exception to this would be kittens up tothe age of 6 months.

Yearly vaccinations must be up to date. Vaccination books must be brought in with your cat or a copy sent via email or whatsapp.

South African Veterinary Association Vaccination Guidlines:

FPV, FHV-1, FCV - Core

Rabies - Core

Feline Leukaemia Virus - Non-core but highly recommended in young cats

Bordetella bronchiseptica - Non-core

Chlamydia felis - Non-core

Drop-offs and Collections

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00 alternate drop off/collection times can be pre-arranged if these times cannot be met.
Saturdays/Sundays and Public Holiday drop offs and collections must be arranged prior to booking.



During Peak Season/School Holidays: 7 days before the booked date, 50% of the booking fee will be forfeited; 4 days before the booked date will result in 75% of the booking fee forfeited and any cancellations hereafter will result in a complete forfeit of the deposit.


A 50% deposit is required to secure your cats spot during peak season/school holidays.
All cattery fees are to be paid in full before checking in.
Preferably via EFT, using your invoice number and surname as reference.

Personal Belongings

All items must be listed on the booking form and items must be clearly marked. Any items which are left, are at own risk.


We look forward to taking care of your very special family members while you are away on holiday or business, we have many cats that come to us year after year and have become part of the Hackett Hounds & Cats family. We hope that the above information clears up any queries that you may have but do feel free to email us at if you have any further questions.

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